Statistical Consulting

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In order to make informed decisions based on data, the art of statistical analysis must be applied. We can work with you to plan, execute, and interpret a battery of analyses to help understand your data, including descriptive and correlation analyses, regression/driver analysis, test validation, differential validity, IRT consulting, Test development, DIF analysis, Adverse Impact Analysis and more. The results of these analyses can then be presented in an easy-to-interpret report, customized to your needs.     


  • Multiple Regression
  • Data Mining
  • Validation
  • Driver Analysis
  • Hierarchical Linear Modeling
  • Reliability
  • Computer Adaptive Testing
  • Adverse Impact Analysis
  • Psychometrics (IRT, CTT)
  • Test Development
  • Exploratory Analysis
  • Structural Equation Modeling
  • DIF Analysis
  • Validity Reports



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