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Whenever we begin tutoring someone in statistics be it online or in person, we find out more about whom we are working with, their strengths, weaknesses, and stressors.  We do this because everyone deserves to have help tailored to his or her strengths and his or her likes.  By finding out their strengths, we work with you to customize a program that will keep you up to date or ahead of the class and help reduce your stress around tests and finals. We minimize stress by thinking forward and looking at your syllabus for this class and other classes to reduce stress and anxiety.


When tutoring we break everything down into its purest form. Everything is broken down into its most basic statistical concept to allow us together to build a strong foundation for which we can go from topic to topic. By doing this, we do not need to learn each statistical analysis as if it were something brand new. Instead, it allows us to move quickly to the new material and concepts and just focus on the differences and the similarities between the old and new analysis which is a typical source of confusion for students. Thereby making the process much simpler for all parties and might even make the process of learning statistics enjoyable or at the very least not unpleasant.

During the tutoring process, we focus on the areas that need the most help and attention. We accomplish this by using multiple strategies to help you understand the material. Together we will go through as many examples of the concepts as you need to grasp the material. Even once you know the concepts, we will offer you supplemental material and problems to help you master the material.

In addition to the above, we teach you testing strategies to help you reduce stress and give you the best ability to demonstrate your knowledge of statistics. These strategies work for all tests and help you break down the questions and not make little mistakes.


All our tutors at Probability of Success have prior experience teaching we have over the years accumulated lots of techniques to simplify the calculation and content of any statistical analysis that you will be covering in your class. Our tutors all have advanced degrees in quantitative fields. Also, each tutor has teaching experience or are currently teaching statistics at the college, masters, and doctoral level.


Through technology, we can meet online, by utilizing technology like Skype and whiteboard programs it is as if we are in the same room. Another benefit of online statistical tutoring is we can start almost immediately, and you can record the sessions for later review.


Our statistical tutors have availability during most waking hours every day of the week. We are happy to work with your schedule to ensure that you can get the statistical help when you need it.

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Benefits of Online Probability and Statistics Tutoring

    • Start today
    • Improve your grades
    • All tutors have teaching experience
    • Lessons from anywhere
    • Reduce stress and anxiety
    • Improve your comprehension
    • No travel 
    • Recorded sessions


    “Michael simplified concepts into small bites,                               little by little. After one session I was no                                   longer intimidated by my coursework and                                         was ready to try my problems. ”

            — Stacey

    “Michael was a fantastic tutor and would definitely use his service again If needed. I took intro to business statistics in a 4 week rushed class and Michael was able to coach me through it and really help me learn the concepts. Highly recommend.”

           — Chase, R